For you, Benita

When I was little, I spent long and happy periods at my maternal grandparents' house, in a small town in Cáceres called Villar del Pedroso. There I learned many things, without the awareness that all this would mark my way of living life. I discovered in my grandmother a personal reference, a source of inspiration from which I wanted to learn and drink every day. Over time he taught me that what really matters is not seen, it is felt. He asked me to fight for my dreams and told me to enjoy, because along the way I would find happiness.

My grandmother dedicated a large part of her life to embroidery and taught me that passions could stop time. She found a refuge in her embroidery, she talked to them and gave them the most precious thing she had, her time. He was patient, he knew the day would come when he would admire his work with pride, satisfied by the care and dedication of his days. Today, I pick up the witness of that good work and try to impress on my pieces that affection, that indelible mark that transforms the everyday into something exceptional and unique.


Bakari is much more than a brand, it talks about you; what you like, what you respect and what you fight for. It represents a powerful, strong, committed and self-confident woman. We give and receive with deep gratitude and respect. We buy in a conscious way knowing that every gesture counts.

We are what we consume and together, we can change the world.